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About Find a Pain Specialist

Get to know us a little bit. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

A Little History

Our company was developed by doctor Roy Nissim D.C. that saw several patients, friends and family that were referred to practitioners that were not a good fit for their issues. That cost them time and money. This was something that had to be fixed.

Because of his expertise in pain management and preventative care, Roy, has built relationships with multiple doctors throughout the United States and Canada, with whom he recognized common trends in their treatments.

We vet all our practitioners, putting your pain management at the center

We vet all of our practitioners by reviewing their services, skill level, experience, treatment plan, and receiving patient testimonials. This is how we aim to provide the best pain management service to all of our users. Your care, your pain management and pain relief is at the center of everything we do.