Better health begins with a pain specialist.

When should I see a pain specialist?

Many people suffer with some type of physical pain in their lives, making it challenging to know whether the pain they suffer from demands medical attention. Often, aches and pains initiate from a wide variety of factors, which are usually temporary, and will clear up on their own over time. That is not always the case. There are many times when people suffer from chronic pain; and from having lived with this pain for so long, they do not realize that they could benefit from seeking a pain specialist. How do you know if the pain you experience demands a pain management specialist? 

5 signs we recommend you need to find a pain specialist

1. Your pain persists, especially with movement

If you can relate to this, then visiting one of our pain doctors could be exactly what you need. The initial step is to pinpoint the location where the pain is originating, using such methods as pain evaluation and pain assessments. Once they gather enough information about what is happening with your body, they can develop a customized course of pain treatment.

2. You struggle to perform day-to-day movements

It is not uncommon for an injury to hinder normal range of motion for a period of time. But long-term debilitating pain that prevents you from performing day-to-day activities without struggle is not normal and should be examined.

3. Radiating pain or strange sensations

If pain begins to radiate throughout a limb or your entire body, then that is a sign that you should see a pain specialist. But radiating pain is not the only sign to look for – both numbness and tingling signify potential serious issues that should be addressed. These odd sensations and radiating pain could indicate a pinched nerve either by a herniated disc or peripheral nerve entrapment. A pain management specialist will assess where the issue is stemming from and create a customizable treatment plan to ease you of this discomfort.

4. Pain killers and NSAIDs do no relieve pain

If you have been taking pain killers or anti-inflammatories and it has not been effective, then it is time to seek a pain specialist. Relying on pain medication just to get through the day is not healthy. The side effects of these medications, when used long term, could cause even further damage to your body and quality of life. Once a pain specialist assesses the issue, they can determine how to control the pain and reduce the inflammation.

5. An inability to get a good night's sleep

There are varying degrees of pain, and, of course, each person's perspective on pain must be factored in. However, we consider any type of body pain that prevents you from sleeping as severe, as this lack of sleep can have a domino effect on your health. Does your pain keep you up at night? Does it wake you up every hour or so? Then it is time to contact a pain specialist.

A healthy happy life starts with taking care of your body. Ignoring your pain, no matter what degree it falls on, can create further issues down the line. Do not neglect yourself. Take the necessary steps today to find a pain management specialist and improve your health.