Find a Pain Specialist:

Not sure if you need a pain specialist? Learn when you should see a pain specialist.

Better health begins with a pain specialist.

A holistic approach to curing your pain

At Find a Pain Specialist we connect you with practitioners that offer non-invasive, holistic, pain-relief options. We have a simple process to get you seen by qualified, caring doctors:

  1. Complete a simple form to get started
  2. We will contact you via phone or email to connect you with a pain management specialist
  3. Visit your new pain specialist doctor. 

And remember, you only have to pay your doctor. You will never receive an invoice or payment request from Find a Pain Specialist.

Find a Pain Specialist

Frequently asked questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is pain management?

Pain management is a practice of medicine and health care which includes pain relief from acute and simple pains, to more challenging and chronic pains.

What does Find a Pain Specialist offer?

We connect individuals, such as yourself, with practitioners that offer non-invasive, holistic, pain-relief options. Your pain relief is our priority.

What is a pain specialist?

A pain specialist, or pain management specialist, is a doctor who offers pain relief for both immediate and long-term pain, for a range of problems.

How much does Find a Pain Specialist cost?

Find a Pain Specialist has no fees to you, the patient. You only pay the doctor's office. That means you will never be issued an invoice, or asked for credit card information by Find a Pain Specialist.